Published on: 2023-05-02

, by Daniel Markow

This project is no longer online - needed the free tier for other projects

How does a government interact with its citizens? How do they assess what should be done, which policies to be pursued? How do companies know about their customers preferences? How to establish these communication channels in order to generate data to decide on what to do next? Sometimes the answer is a poll - a form that asks specific question that helps you to perform inference regarding these questions. Unfortunately many polling tools are not very trustworthy when it comes to your data and given the importance of the information collected it might be better to own that data.

Fortunately services like Vercel and Planetscale make it very easy and affordable to deploy your own web applications. This is why I build LibrePoll. If your organization wants to own the data you collect but lacks the resource to build your own polling application you can easily deploy LibrePoll for free. All the services it uses have generous free tiers.

LibrePoll makes use of the wonderful t3-stack which comes with its own CLI utility - create t3-app. T3 in this case stands for TypeScript, tRPC and Tailwind in an Next.js application. The database is accessed using the Prisma ORM.

You need

Features in planning

With LibrePoll you can easily click together a polling form similar to Survey Monkey or Google Forms and publish it.

If your interested try it on and check out the repository on GitHub. Feel free to message me if you want to contribute.