LSAC - Link Saver and Commenter

Published on: 2023-05-02

, by Daniel Markow

This project is no longer online - needed the free tier for other projects

I found myself again and again reading some interesting technical article at work when being interrupted by a call or an upcoming meeting. This lead me to email the link to my private email account since plugins like Pocket or tools like Notion are not permitted on my employers laptop. There they were most of the time forgotten or I found myself searching around for something.

This is what lead me to creating this simple application - the Link Saver and Commenter (or LSAC). In best UNIX tradition it does one thing only. It saves links and allows you to comment them for later use. It is a simple tool I use daily to manage my reading list from every device.

It is build using the t3-stack (TypeScript, Tailwind, tRPC) with Next.js. It is hosted on Vercel utilizing their lambdas. Data is saved into a cockroachDB free-tier database.

If you are interested in the mighty LSAC checkout